Welcome Gina to WEST!

WEST is excited to announce the addition of another full-time trainer, Gina Cirimele.  Gina will be a lead trainer at WEST for the 3-month classes.

WEST celebrates June 2023 graduates

About WEST

The state-of-the-art laboratory is located in Carlsbad, California 30 minutes North of San Diego and just over an hour South of Los Angeles.  The World Embryology Skills and Training center focuses on complete training in all aspects of embryology and andrology for the inexperienced scientist eager to become an embryologist.  The in-depth 3-month course begins with the basics of the science and techniques and finishes with advanced skills of a senior level embryologist.

Debbie and Bill not only offer the training but follow through with job search assistance and references.  WEST also caters to the experienced embryologist seeking training in more advanced skills such as vitrification, biopsy and ICSI as well as on-site training in your lab using your equipment.

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WEST trainees visited the Beckman Center for conservation research. Learning the wide range their skills can be applied and the impact they can have globally.

our mission

To promote the field of embryology to graduating scientists and simultaneously provide a pool of qualified candidates to laboratories in need. 


To train embryologists to understand the in-depth knowledge of the science behind the skills.


To advance existing skills of the trained embryologist and expand their knowledge base allowing them to return to their labs better, more well-rounded embryologists 


To accelerate the training process for the growing laboratories and allow the existing staff to concentrate on maintaining top quality patient care and outcomes.


To provide substantial hands-on training time allowing the embryologist to truly master a skill and return to the lab able to perform clinically.

Catherine Welch, MS, MBA, TS
Hamilton Thorne
Senior Embryologist / Director of Development

More than just embryology skills. What Debbie teaches is to think critically about the procedure you are performing, to troubleshoot, and to understand the science behind why we do what we do. And it is through that, that you fall in love with the world of IVF, equipped to work in any laboratory across the country and around the globe!

John Whitney
Senior Manager Ovation Fertility

Debbie is a life changer. Her love of the science and ability to teach creates an environment rich in experience, knowledge and fun. It is her teaching that cultivated my love of ART, interest in all things embryology and baseline of knowledge that propelled me into the career I have today. It was through her guidance, both in class and in choosing the right program, that has allowed me a career and life I am forever grateful for.

Chloe Defibaugh
Junior Embryologist at Pacific Fertility Center

Debbie is not only a brilliant embryologist, but a dedicated mentor as well. In addition to providing you with a thorough and extensive skill set, Debbie will help guide you through the ART field professionally as well. I will always cherish my time spent at WEST and am eternally grateful I chose to trust in Debbie to prepare me for my dream career!

Megan Groverman
Northern California Fertility Medical Center

Debbie and Bill truly are the power couple of embryology and their passion for embryology is contagious. The three-month training course gave me the background knowledge and hands-on training to hit the ground running in my new position. I am beyond grateful for Debbie’s expertise, guidance, and support in making my dream of becoming an embryologist a reality!


Our staff has a combined total of over 50 years experience with embryology. To learn more about our team, please click on the profiles below.

Debbie Venier, MS, TS
Co-Founder / Director of Training
Gina Cirimele (ABB)
Lead Trainer
Bill Venier, M.Sc., TS, ELD
Co-Founder / Trainer
Robyn O'Leary, MS, TS (ABB)
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